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2-Keith -Sonya

KEITH O’NEIL-NFL Super Bowl Champion

Keith D. O’Neil is a NFL Football Super Bowl XLI Champion (41) of the Indianapolis Colts under NFL head football coach Tony Dungy. Keith also played for the Dallas Cowboys. Life has been good to this NFL football star. His father, Edward O’Neil was a first round NFL draft pick for the Detroit Lions and a graduate of Penn State University.

Although raised in an athletic family of professional NFL football players, with brother-in-law Drew Haddad also a NFL professional football player with the Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts and the San Diego Chargers life can also take a turn for the worse. Keith will share his exclusive interview with Sonya Swinton, national radio host of Internet Celebrity TV™ Magazine & Radio Show on the trials and tribulations of being a NFL hero diagnosed with bipolar disorder and mental illness challenges.

An upcoming autobiographical book is in the making and Keith O’Neil is spearheading a national platform campaign of bringing hope of healing for individuals who have suffered long enough. Breaking free and living in spiritual Faith has evolved Keith as a real life inspirational hero for those who suffer from mental health issues. He has demonstrated strength under stress and has overcome great obstacles to deliver this life changing message to YOU! Please join us in welcoming Keith O’Neil, a NFL hero’s real life battle on and off the gridiron.


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