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Be sure to catch Derius Swinton on the Internet Celebrity TV Magazine & Radio Show
Nov. 21, 2011 Monday at 7:00 am EST & 8:00 am Central. If you want to overcome life’s obstacles and challenges don’t miss it!

DERIUS SWINTON interviewed by SONYA SWINTON, national radio host of Internet Celebrity TV Magazinel

Derius D. Swinton presently serves as the executive director of Swinton & Associates, LLC, AKA The SOAR Group. Swinton & Associates is a nationally recognized minority small business that specializes in professional development training, motivational speeches and consulting services. Derius D. Swinton is an extraordinary, dynamic, highly engaging and informative professional motivational speaker, trainer, facilitator and professional life coach. Internationally recognized for his non-traditional approach, his speeches, training, workshops and seminars are truly an experience to behold. His style is personal and insightful, while disseminating knowledge and understanding where it is needed in todays’ diverse and ever changing environment and society. Derius possess the uncanny ability to challenge others to committing their time, energy and resources to creating and maintaining a lifestyle that is safe, healthy, supportive and productive. Regardless of your background, present circumstances, level of education, race, ethnicity, or culture, Derius can and will help you to soar beyond your limitations. Derius will help you to transform your possibilities and dreams into a reality.

During 2010, Derius published his first book, ‘Soar Beyond Your Limitations.” This book is about helping individuals transform their dream into a reality, overcoming obstacles, and accomplishing personal and professional goals. Soar Beyond Your Limitations is the long awaited initial publication from Derius Swinton. This compelling and thought provoking book taps into Derius’ 25 plus years of experience speaking and training on the national and international stage. Derius’ insight will give you the education and motivation to move more aggressively toward your achieving your dream, providing your with the tools to unlock your potential. Your will gain the confidence to set higher goals, a clearer vision to acheive more, and the courage and tools to spread your wings and take flight, soaring beyond your limitations.


Derius has received numerous awards and honors. Using non-traditional and innovative approaches are what led to Derius’ selection as one of only 13 individuals to represent the United States at the International Educational Fellowship Program in China. Other honors include the Outstanding Leadership Award, sponsored by Reader’s Digest; the Virginia Collaborative Leadership Program Award, and the 2006 Amigo Award, sponsored by New Mexico Diversity Committee and Sandia National Laboratories.

A few places where Derius has served a keynote speaker or presenter at China, South Africa, Barbados, the United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and a host of cities and localities throughout America.


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