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New York City actress and movie producer, Tanya Thompson interviews Sonya Swinton, national radio host and publish of the Internet Celebrity TV™ Magazine and Radio Show for the Royal Swinton Society. This society was the first African and Scottish American family society to perform in the New York Tartan’s Day parade (2007) and its goal is to promote racial harmony and goodwill. To celebrate its 12th Anniversary, a European Tour of Scotland is planned for 2012. For more information:

Click on photo to listen to the radio show

Robert Swinton is a talented musician and recording artist of American Scottish heritage and lives in sunny Stuart, Florida.  His lifelong musical journey started in the suburbs of Minneapolis at the young age of nine. Here he began seven years of classical guitar training and study under Phillip Velasco.    Robert was interviewed by Sonya Swinton, national radio host and publisher of the Internet Celebrity Magazine and Radio Show.

Robert later moved to the San Francisco Bay area where he studied jazz guitar and music theory. While in San Francisco, he formed his own band Loose Change. This group soon became one of the hottest Southern Country Rock bands in the Bay area. After twelve years in California, Robert came east to Florida’s Treasure Coast. It was here that Robert was motivated to share the music he has loved through the years. The result is ‘The Soothing Sounds of the Classical Guitar’, a collection of personal favorites that Robert has performed live for many audiences. For more info: and for online music lessons

11th Anniversary-Royal Swinton Society

Click on photo above  for the Royal Swinton Society’s website

The Royal Swinton Society is an African & Scottish American Family organization.  It will celebrate its 10th Anniversary by presenting the online TV Show episodes featuring an international family.  

“From Rags to Royalty-The Royal Swintons, An African American Legacy” on the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture website:

The museum is scheduled to be completed on the Mall in Washington, DC 2015. 

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