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Debra A. Brown Davis’ memoir is entitled: My Daddy, the Devil, and Me: Out of the Darkness into the Marvelous Light. Steven R. Hill, Washington, DC radio host interviewed Debra A. Brown Davis. The radio show will air on January 1, 2011 in the morning. It is a powerful true story of an innocent girl who was sexually molested by her own father for more than two decades. Her father gave her cocaine to keep her under his control, trained her to be a prostitute, physically abused her, and used her as his main accomplice in a series of bank frauds scams that the FBI was after.

This traumatic story tells how she lived as a brainwashed rebellious teenager lead her into a dark and deep life of incest and crime. Debra even believed that it was normal to have sex with her father and fall in love with him, in the hope of one day marrying him. Throughout the pain of betrayal, emotional and physical abuse she has learned to forgive and heal. She says that “her mess has become her message” and testimony for helping other hurting victims. For more information, to purchase her book and to schedule Debra for a speaking engagement:, (Amazon Book) and (Barnes & Noble) http://www.barnes


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