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Monthly Archives: August 2010


Internet Celebrity Magazine is proud to present the FALL 2010 Edition

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What’s inside this issue

Sonya Swinton, national host of Internet Celebrity Magazine & Radio Show interviewed the team of The Power of TWO documentary Film pages 37-73

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL Time-Shrek Forever After MOVIE Premiere, Irish Film/TV Awards, Nickelodeon 23rd Annual Kids Choice Award, How to Train Your Dragon MOVIE Premiere, Despicable Me MOVIE Premiere Washington, DC: CELEBRATES The Power of Two: Documentary Film A Global advocacy film for Awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, Organ donation & transplantation and more…

Sonya Swinton, national host of the Internet Celebrity Magazine & Radio Show, Anabel Stenzel, Marc Smolowitz, producer & director Isabel Stenzel Byrnes of The Power of Two documentary film and Yul Kwon ,champion of the Survivor Television (Cook Island episode), and the Deputy Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Photo courtesy of Power of Two/Yasu Higuchi

Internet Celebrity Magazine & Radio team:  Steven R. Hill, Washington, DC radio host, Sonya Swinton, national radio host and publisher, Courtney Maye and Glen Jones, video and camera at the Churchkey Happy Hour Celebration for the Power of Two documentary film’s completion in Washington, DC.

Photo courtesy of Power of Two/Yasu Higuchi